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Predominant Quality

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Afunta is a company major in electronical products research, manufacture and market, who is also owner the band Afunta. Our company is founded in 2012, and the major part factory of us is located in China.

The research department always keep an high sensitivity on the market need, and trying to providing the most fashionable, practical, worthwhile stuff to our customers. Combining elegant outlook and high performance together. 

We take every step seriously in producing, great quality control system has won us a great reputation from customers. With customers trust, the brand "Afunta" will always keep high quality and moving forward in the market competition.


Effective Service

I like this hose. I did not purchase this to be my primary watering hose for the garden, I purchased this to use for our pool slide for our outdoor pool. My kids have been using a bucket to wet the slide. In the past we have used expandable garden hoses for this purpose as well.

We need your support! And we will be supporting you guys with our products!

We promise to provide in time service as soon as there is a need. For any query regarding to our products, delivery and after-sells problem, you can easily find us by contacting cs@Afunta.us We will always be here waiting to serve you. 


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